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翻译:在校外租房没有别人打搅,可以好好学习,而且自由在校外租房可以不受打扰好好学习而且自由 In questionnaires.then can be left alone to study well and freedom

英语翻译:只有好好学习才能有这一切。Only by studying hard can we get all the things

又是翻译=。=在我看来,大学提供了一个能够自由学习和In my opinion, the University can provide a free learning and communication platform. We should cherish the opportunity to

翻译:因为我没有好好学习翻译为:Because I do not have to study well 保证对

【求英文翻译一些人是因为生活的压力而被迫去学习所以我认为,最好的学习方法应该是乐学(或者是带着兴趣去学习)意译就可以… 作业帮用户2016-11-24 举报 用这款APP,检查作业高效又准确!扫

但是也要好好学习,争取能考上高中,那多好啊The semester begins, the happy and free life during the summer is over, although I hate to leave that life,

“现在我只想好好学习,不想打扰谁,也不希望谁来打扰我回答:I just want to study hard. I really don't want to disturb anyone and I don't want anyone come to disturb me ,

翻译 你在英语学习上投入很多 也有很好的自You invest a lot in learning English also has good self-control

求英语翻译1 我一定好好学习英语 2 等一下,问一下路_百度I must study hard in English Excuse me,Can I ask the way?(有礼貌的) understand,lz?

必须要好好学习,如果没有出人头地,定将劳苦一生”谢谢Life is but short, One has to grasp it; If you've failed to equip your head with wit, You'll have no


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